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Toyota Hybrid Vehicles

Toyota Hybrid Vehicle - Mississauga Toyota



Toyota has a wide variety of Hybrid vehicles to suit your needs. With over 13 million Toyota hybrids sold worldwide since 1997, what are you waiting for to make the switch from conventional vehicles to hybrid? You can now enjoy a guilt-free drive knowing you are doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint on the environment. At Simcoe Toyota, we offer multiple Hybrid models for sale in Simcoe in our new and used inventory. Join us at our location and allow us to show you how a hybrid compares in performance and features to a conventional vehicle.


Why Choose Toyota Hybrids



Hybrid vehicles run in gas-mode, electric mode, or a combination of both modes, which change automatically so the driver does not need to do or monitor anything. In most cases, when starting up, decelerating and braking, the electric motor is engaged. When accelerating and in cruise control mode, the gas and electric modes work together. If the vehicle is stopped the gas engine will shut off, unless the battery is running low. When reversing slowly it will only require the electric mode.

Which Hybrid is right for you?

Toyota has a wider variety of vehicles to choose from. By choosing to buy a Toyota Hybrid you are choosing to be part of a greener future. Toyota is committed to making a positive net effect, through the reduction of emissions by new Toyota vehicles by 90% in comparison to 2010 levels, by 2050. Will you join us to become a little greener the next time you buy a new Toyota?

Which Toyota models are available in Hybrid?

Toyota Hybrid cars and SUVs for sale in Simcoe, at Simcoe Toyota, include the Corolla, Camry, RAV4, Highlander, Prius, and Prius Prime.

Why buy a Toyota Hybrid?

Each hybrid car and SUV delivers outstanding fuel efficiency and Toyota's latest multimedia and safety technology. Toyota hybrids are designed to offer similar or greater levels of performance than their conventional gas counterpart. You won't have to alter the way you drive, just sit back and enjoy the drive while Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive works seamlessly in the background. Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive System charges the battery in 2 ways, and neither requires you to plug your vehicle in. And the best part about Toyota's hybrid cars for sale is that they require no additional routine maintenance.

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